The newspaper Ak Zhayik drew attention the real situation regarding this criminal case. In the article “Case of the ex-mayor. Who is the witness? Featured only a small part of the machinations Aliyev Nazmi was involved in. So once again, I am posting this information about him, and you can link to my site, because everything written here is true.

Further, I want to clarify who is actually the owner of the construction company. His name is Aliyev Nazmi, a Turkish national. According to all the people with whom he worked, and ordinary people who knew him – he is scoundrel on an international scale. For example, below is the story of a man who was well aware of his activities:

“I knew the activities of his company and what he did while working in Atyrau. It was there that he transformed from just an ordinary businessman into a big businessman – a cheater. Why do I say so? The fact is that no matter where he worked, he always tied to cheat and deceive his partners and earned his money this way. Until 2003, he was a small to-do businessman and had only 2 apartments in Almaty and his parents house in Kaskelen. But since the beginning of 2003, when he began working with the budget of the Atyrau region, it become a very wealthy man. Through an acquaintance with some of the heads of departments of the regional akimat/mayorship, he began to receive sizeable contracts. After this, his business went upwards and he became a big businessman and became known not only in Atyrau, but in Almaty, and Turkey.

Immediately it is worth noting that all the work Aliyev Nazmi and his company LLP “Mechstroyservice” carried out was done with gross violations and deviations from the project plan, executed using poor quality materials. All his projects had substandard execution but the heads of departments, which gave him the contracts (apparently he bought them all) continued to sign the acceptance of the tender all the same. Such examples are many: an extension to the akimat/mayorship, a school for 624 children in the Atyrau area, Mahambet and Isatai squares and reconstruction of a museum along with many other social facilities, who just after a year of completion needed to be completely renovated.

Later, the superiors of the akimat of the region after learning of this, dismissed these corrupt heads of departments, and suspended the corrupt Aliyev and his company “Mechstroyservice” from further work.

He worked approximately one year in Atyrau, and met people from “Kaz Trans Oil” (directly from the head management), and began to get a certain volume of work in the Mangistau region. At the same time he also sought to get acquainted with different people in the Akimat of Atyrau region. Working in the Mangistau region he fraudulently entered them as cofounders of his company Mechstroyservice “(MCC) with a stock of 50%, but continued controlling the company himself.  Upon getting contracts from “Kaz Trans Oil”, he did not pay any dividends, and sent all earnings to Turkey. In addition, the company “Mechstroyservice” has already been placed in the bank, along with all its assets. His partners learned this later, which led to a conflict with the leadership of “Kaz Trans Oil.” After this, “Kaz Tans Oil” immediately ceased all work with him and his company MCC, seizing all his assets. Aliyev hid from them in Atyrau, and this was known to all his friends. And everyone told him he was guilty and if he had not lied or cheated then he would not be in this situation.

And so, with no machinery, no foundation, he resorted to pure fraud. He began telling everyone he had all the necessary resources, equipment and machinery, and that he continued to receive projects from “Kaz Trans Oil” in the amount of tens of billions of tenge and he again began to fraudulently obtain a volume of work in the Atyrau region. Without showing himself, he opened companies with others as figureheads and hired local to do the work. With contracts from the akimat, he increasingly attracted subcontractors and they, in turn, allowed him to obtain a bank loan. And then he began to work.

Aliyev, received an advance payment from the budget, transferred it through his fake companies to Turkey, leaving 15-20% of the amount paid to pay local subcontractors and workers. To cover this up, he paid out the money in small batches. And when the contractors (there were roughly about 15) completed roughly 60% of the work and ran out of funds, that were provided by the bank to them under lien of their own assets, they began to make complaints to the akimat of the region and law enforcement agencies. Aliyev had received 70% of budget funds during that time for the tender contract (around 20 million US dollars) and in addition to this, he placed whatever remaining funds he had left and managed to withdraw another 10 million on top, disappearing from Atyrau.

He disappeared from the radar of law enforcement agencies for a whole year, hiding in Turkey, then in Almaty. They detained him at the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, when he apparently attempted to finally leave Kazakhstan.

In the end, because his fraud affected about 15 local companies, which he owed ​​about 4 billion tenge these contracting companies that Aliyev had hired grew huge debts. These companies were forced to go to court and to the police. Aliyev paid these companies only 10% of the total volume of work performed, and simply pocketed the rest. Many went bankrupt, and their remaining assets were confiscated by the banks and were targeted by financial inspection agencies for non-payment of debts owed.

Each of these companies employed about 50-60 people who have families. Everyone knows that Atyrau is comprised of mostly an indigenous population. This means that of the 15 companies affected, the victims of fraud were at least 750 breadwinners. And if we consider that a young Kazakh family is usually composed of 5-6 people, it turns out, that this fraudster cheated about 3,500-4,000 people our of their salaries.

As a result, Aliyev Nazmi was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 8 years.

Of course, this was the decision of the court, not the regional akimat. However, the akimat repeatedly told him to settle all financial debts with contractors and finish all incomplete projects.

Finally, after all these events, there was a 30% incompletion rate for all tenders.  The akimatwas forced to call upon the assistance of 3-4 large companies, which could complete the unfinished projects started by Aliyev.  These construction companies made a forward gesture and finished the projects at their own expense. This included projects such as the Inder bridge, an access road to the bridge spanning 7.2 km, a public house on S. Datov Street, an inner-township pipeline in the Kyzylkoginskom district, heating and water lines in Atyrau, a clinic for 250 visits, the tuberculosis hospital in Makhambet district, landscaping of a park near Atyrau, landscaping Alieva- Satybaldiyeva Streets in Atyrau, reconstruction of OPS Makat.  And all this at a cost of 3 billion. tenge.

By the way, Aliyev constructed an apartment complex, and deceived a great number of honest buyers. Enriched by his fraud, Aliyev built a 4-star hotel in Istanbul, with 200 rooms under the name “Orsep”, which was managed his eldest son, Ruslan. He also built a village comprised of 80 cottages on the left bank of the Bosphorus Strait, a furniture factory, all run by his son Alikhan and his Turkish partner Caan, who, by the way, after some while broke off his business relationship with Aliyev. In addition to all of the above Aliyev had a 25 meter yacht, several apartments and houses in Turkey and Almaty, large plots of land in Almaty, a large auto service station, offices in Almaty and Atyrau, the share of a 5-star hotel in Aktau called “Nur -plaza “. And these are just the assets that are known. Aliyev himself is an avid gambler and lost a large sum of money at casinos.

All the assets he had in Kazakhstan were, using a proven scheme, deposited in banks, and transferred to Turkey to ensure a comfortable life for himself. As an interesting background fact, he has 3 children from his first wife: two sons – Ruslan and Alikhan and one daughter. From his second wife he has two children: a son and a daughter. All his children have a Turkish passport and spend most of the time there. Can it be a mere coincidence?

Unfortunately, thousands of Kazakhstani people have suffered from this fraudster. And it is especially hard to see very young children and their families suffer. Many businessmen who had done business with Aliyevs now find themselves in a rough spot and have now been summoned to court to return debts owed to the banks.

But that’s not all.

After landing in jail, and cooperating with certain representatives of law enforcement, he launches accusations of fraud against the family and relatives of Ryskaliev, based on apparently shady under the table agreements. As soon as Aliyev wrote a statement for them, he was suddenly released from prison, and given four years of probation. As for the 15 victimized construction companies, the court only issued an order to compensate two of them. It is regrettable, but the rest received nothing. Today, because of these false allegations, several honest businessmen are now in jail, they are: Alshenov R., A .Esetov and others. E. Moldashev was sentenced to 4.5 years with confiscation of all property and assets.

And perhaps many more people will suffer the consequences of fraud from this Turkish-fraudster.

The program the “Investigation Bureau” on channel “Khabar”, aired on May 12, 2013 he slandered the local authorities in his speech. I am confident that this was stipulated as a requirement for his release by law enforcement.

 (The court’s decision Aliev)

So this is the kind of person Aliyev Nazmi is.

And now let’s conclude whose version of events concerning these 9 apartments is really true.

And this is the same way all these unjustified and illegal accusations/charges have been tied to this criminal case.

To be continued …