The newspaper Ak Zhayik, referring to its sources, distributed information that Bergey Ryskaliev’s son in law, Rustem Albakasov was detained in Geneva. Today Rustem Albakasov posted information on his Facebook page stating that this is – a complete lie.Рустем-Альбакасов/714147598619149

I want to provide an explanation in response to the article of the newspaper Ak-Zhaiyk on May 14, 2014 “Son-in-law of the ex-akim of the Atyrau region arrested in Geneva”.

I was not arrested. I have nothing to do in Geneva, I have nothing to do with this city and there is nothing to tie me to this city. Thank God I’m alive and well, and this article is absurd. The purpose of this article is quite different, to once again remind me about my brothers Ryskaliev, discredit them and to support accusations against them. This is all but another tactic used by the investigation to show that they are up to something, although nobody cares anymore because everyone knows that the whole thing was fabricated and politicized.

This is how they are fighting their case against Bergeya Ryskaliev.