In the ongoing court session on “gasification” in which the investigator of the ABEKP (financial police), Ruslan Ashen, was questioned, in my opinion became a blank shot for the prosecution. During the questioning it became obvious that there was not solid evidence to support the opening of this criminal case and it was formulated due to personal interests from the part of the prosecution. And, as it turned out, it was all done in a hurry.

First of all, it must be emphasized, it turned out during the hearing of the evidence of the “Gasification” that the exact amount of theft by the defendant was not specified. How, then could a criminal case be opened? What are the individuals being tried for? In which country are there such laws? Ashenov, in turn, displayed confusion the entire time and when asked if he could voice the figure involved, shrugged his shoulders. Although, he did all the questioning during interrogations, in response to these questions he answered – I do not know, I do not remember, etc. A similar answer, of course, was made with respect to the protocols signed by witnesses containing information which did not correspond to reality and contained false dates. I think everyone can agree that it is very suspicious and strange that the investigator in charge of the case has absolutely no information on it.

Surely, after numerous witness confessions and refusals to confirm initial testimony, the prosecution clearly understands that their case has been exposed. But it is unlikely they will back down, and apparently has resorted to already proven methods of putting pressure on witnesses. These kinds of threats, as we know, have already been voiced at the previous hearing where prosecutors, referring to Art. 387 Criminal Procedure Code and Art. 352 of the Criminal Code, wished to  charge witnesses with perjury. Earlier, they threatened witnesses in the same way in order to extract “fairy tale” statements. A witness could easily become the accused and vice versa. Gulmira Azbergenova sounded off the first alarm through her statement in court that she faced pressure from investigators. But probably because she was in the minority, her statement was not taken seriously. But now, when most of the witnesses have retracted their testimony and confessed that they were forced to sign the protocols without checking them, it is simply impossible to deny or ignore that pressure has indeed been applied. Remember the first testimony of Fund director Azamat Abilgazin, who at first tried to accuse the defendant.

But there is a small group of individuals that continues to be led by investigators, apparently still in a state of fear and stupor. This is especially important considering that psychological pressure may be different, and can include financial threats. Take the example of the Head of the Department of Energy Management Ruslan Basara, who appeared as a witness, but turned out to be a hostage of the prosecution. As it turned out that, some time after his interrogation, his property (2 apartments) was seized. And upon appealing to the financial police on the matter, as said the witness, they openly accused him of being a criminal and refused to do anything. According to my information there are currently sixty families who have experienced the same fate. Based on this case they are losing many years of hard earned assets. 80% of these people do not even have any relation to this case.

And people may fear not only for their property or their freedom, but also for their own lives. Indeed, as history shows the police can sometimes cross the line using torture or other threats. It is appropriate in this case to recall the sensational story of the hanged construction policeman (a police inspector who was suspected of receiving bribes in the form of caviar) who was tortured in the financial police, and then landed in the hospital. Apparently the suicide was the only means od escaping persecution by the system.

Returning to the subject, I would like to add that according to  information received from anonymous sources, the representatives of the investigation, heading the case against the former mayor, regularly visit the witnesses under house arrest to threaten them. But if this is not true, it is absolutely a fact that their case is falling apart before our eyes and despite all their efforts to take regain control over the witnesses, the truth is still coming out.

Apparently not all paths tread on bones lead to the required result. And it is not excluded that this prosecution will not soon appear in the dock.

To be continued ….