No wonder there is a saying that “every secret becomes clearly known.” The last hearing of the case concerning the former leadership of the Akimat of the Atyrau region was a clear example of how criminal cases can just be launched for no reason. The number of witnesses who refused to provide the initial testimony to the investigators of the Financial Police, have now exceeded over a dozen since the case began.

Firstly, it was discovered that the investigation has used absolutely all and any other cases or evidence, completely unrelated to the case. An example is the case of the chief translator, Zinullina, for the State Utilities Department. Law enforcement officers did not only pressure the witnesses, but also personally wrote the false testimony statements, and demanded they sign them.

In particular, on May 22 a witness, Aidos Sargozhin, upon obtaining his own interrogation protocol noticed that the one he signed in the summer of 2013, was dated February 28 of that year. Sargozhin insisted that did not give such testimony.

“It was before the departure of the investigators, he (the investigator) called me and said,” you need to urgently sign this, as we are leaving “. He gave me the protocol with about 10 sheets, rushed me and so I signed, “- confessed to the witness.

On the prosecutor’s remark that, by signing an illegally formulated document, the witness was warned about their responsibility for perjury. Sargozhin explained he only learned it was illegal now in the court.

“I thought it was the previous testimony I gave before,” – said Sargozhin.


In case there was disagreement with the investigation on signing the necessary statements, any notion of diplomacy was thrown out the door and renegade methods were employed. The website «Azh» stated that Zinullina received late night calls and text messages with direct threats.

However, if some individuals tried to seek a fair trial, others (even today) simply preferred to avoid any unnecessary problems, and did not hide their disregard for the fate of others. I want to remind you that another earlier witness, deputy chairman of the tender commission Gask Ilyasova openly claimed that she did not even understand the essence of the case.

“In August, I was vacationing in Turkey and I was contacted by investigators. I was taken off the plane directly to the financial police. I was tired of this – I spent a whole year going to interrogations. It was like a full time job and I just signed without even looking, “- said Ilyasova.

Moreover, the majority of the witnesses admitted that no coercion or threats were made against them by the former leadership of the akimat (mayorship). This indirectly indicates the fact that there was no OPG.

“Nobody forced me, when at the time that I was substituting for him, I was appointed with active duties. Letters outlining the recommended prices for gas pipes were signed by me, “- said the deputy Kenzhebekova Kuanyshbayev.


Deputy Head of the Department of Finance, Sabirgalieva also rejected testimony about her former chief Dzhienbaev, who allegedly forced her to perform illegal actions during tender contests.

Thus, we can clearly see that the investigation’s case, is nothing more than a politically motivated scenario where the primary means of achieving their goals are psychological, moral and physical pressure on all trial participants. The scary thing is that a lot of other criminal cases probably were based on a similar principle, but none of the witnesses confessed. So in this situation, there is only one significant upside – perhaps only now, after a series of honest confessions from witnesses the Kazakh Themis can finally make adequate conclusions.

To be continued ….