A fairy tale, fantasy and comedy about a mayor. Part 4

Another false accusation appeared on mass media against the ex-akim (ex-mayor) of the Atyrau region, “Another active member of ex-akim Bergeya Ryskaliev’s organized crime group has been detained in Moscow – businessman Oleg PAVLICENCO.”

I know for a fact that B.Ryskaliev does not know or has ever known this man. Even if O.Pavlichenko does have ties with someone, then what does the […]

A fairy tale, fantasy and comedy about a mayor. Part 3

This article is devoted to the history of the allegedly illegal acquisition of apartments in house 35 on Satpayev Street. Let me remind you that according to the investigation, Amanzhan Ryskaliyev, fraudulently seized ownership of 9 apartments in this house.

However, this accusation was actually fabricated in order to increase the number of criminal cases against Ryskaliyev. Apparently, law enforcement agencies have not […]

A fairy tale, fantasy and comedy about a mayor. Part 2

For several days now the government has been reading an official statement of accusations as part of a flamboyant criminal case against 22 defendants, a case formed based on allegations of criminal activities of ex-Mayor Bergey Ryskaliev.

The prosecution’s theory is that “During October 2006, Ryskaliev (during this month he became appointed as Regional Mayor) in the city of Atyrau had […]

A fairy tale, fantasy and comedy about a mayor. Part 1

As you are aware, on the date of 23.01.2014, a court hearing had commenced with 22 defendants, who had allegedly been tied to the acts of fabrication and falsification of criminal records and carrying out crimes, a criminal case which has been named “OPG Ryskalieva”.

Now I would like to go over and analyze all the words in the prosecutor’s official […]